No-Shows at Voluntary Workouts: Who Cares


Published: March 20, 2009


... who cares? There's a reason why they call it voluntary workouts.

You don't have to show up.

It would show your commitment to the team to show up, but if you don't does it really matter? No.

The only workout you should be worried about is the involuntary workouts, if your player doesn't show up for those, then you're in trouble.

Today on, a columnist has stated that Free Safety Nick Collins of the Green Bay Packers has not shown up to the workouts.

Instead he has elected to wait for a new contract negotiation before he travels away from his home in Florida.

Apparently he doesn't care if a deal is in place, rather he wants the negotiations to begin.

Then there's Shaun Rodgers, who hasn't shown up to the Cleveland Browns camp either.

He just wants to be released from his six-year, $42 million contract.

That's a different story all together. It's surprising that he wants out since he had a d...

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