No Degrees of Separation: How the Jay Cutler Trade Affects Three Friends


Published: April 3, 2009

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... side to a city called Moore. I drive here because two of my best buds live there.

We hang out, eat some food and watch "The Office." Most weeks it's just a good 'ol time. I usually listen to the local sports station in the car as I drive through the city and around 4:30 PM, one of the producers came on and said that they have some breaking news.

By now, we all know what that is.

What's interesting, in my humble opinion, is how it affects me and my friends. You see, just like all of you, each of us is a die-hard fan of an NFL team. Mine is the Packers. My friend Bruce is a fan of the Broncos. And my friend John (being a Chicago native) is a fan of the Bears.

Yesterday added another chapter to our already-interesting sports relationship. You should know that we all get along really well. John and I are proof that bitter rivals can be friends, while also being able to ridicule each other's team.


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