NFL V MLB: A Tale of Two Perspectives


Published: April 11, 2009


... >While “a sigh is just a sigh as time goes by” in baseball, endeavoring to analyze football through a statistical lens is a fool’s errand. 

Allow this clip to serve as the backdrop for the discussion.  In it, the late, great George Carlin adroitly compares the sports.  Even if the reader does not ultimately agree with me, watch it for pure comedic value. 

More to the point, there is no “skill-position” designation for players in baseball like there is in football.  Baseball is, thus, played in a relative vacuum.

One can easily gauge how someone pitches by his easily quantifiable ERA and WHIP.  Likewise, the batter relies solely on his ability to recognize the in-coming pitch before deciding to swing then make contact with the ball in the right place. 

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