NFL Seeks To Shorten Preseason, Empty Parking Lots Protest


Published: March 27, 2009


... >NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced earlier this week that the NFL is considering a plan to reduce the number of preseason games by as many as two before the 2011 season. However, this proposal has already caused an uproar.  

For NFL fans so sensitive to change, this is the type of knee-jerk reaction that could mar the NFL’s reputation for years. Dare I type the acronym that shall not be typed—USFL?

I was told by a seven-year veteran who declined to be identified that he looked forward to playing one series in front of 37 people, taking a shower, and "getting his Goose on" before the third quarter.  

Fans and players aside, it’s the 32 NFL franchises that will bear the financial brunt of this change.    

"How are we supposed to survive?" questioned Carl Creed, head of the Detroit Parking Authority, responsible for the maintenance o...

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