NFL Referees Are a Disgrace To The NFL and Why We Need Technology Now!!!


Published: March 18, 2009


... who are either biased, paid off or simply blind. I do not understand how a sport in which billions of dollars are made, has referees that are still play calling like its the 50s.

I recall a game once where a bad call was made against the Bills (possibly) and the team refused to come out to the field when the opponent kicked its final field goal. If you remember please refresh me. I only bring out this scenario to be fair to all NFL fans.  However, since I am a Raider fan, I know how really bad the calls really are.

During a playoff game (Madden years) versus the Denver Broncos, the runningback fumbled the ball at the goal line and the Raiders recovered. If you see the footage, which I have seen thousands of times, you can easily see the ball fall out. Yet the referees once again called the wrong play. Denver kept possession and the Raiders missed another Super Bowl.

Then there is always the tuck rule in which millions of Americans saw Charles Woodson cause...

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