NFL Quarterback Draft Class Showdown: 2008 Vs 2007


Published: March 14, 2009


... that now might be a good time to reflect on draft classes of the last 10 years.

Too often in this business, we rush ahead to the next big event without taking pause to evaluate the past and learn from it. In a way, this study will still be a celebration of the coming 2009 draft and will shed some light on certain overlooked trends that no one ever stops to consider.

I will begin with a class by class showdown of sorts at the quarterback position over the last 10 drafts.  This is part V in the series.

(Disclaimer: It is obviously way too early to make definitive statements about these two most recent draft classes. Thus, much of the following is for the figurative sake of comparison and nothing more.)

I. 2007

A) 10 quarterbacks selected in the draft (the fewest in the last 10 years) / two in the first round

B) Of those 10 quarterbacks, all 10 are currently still in the league in some capacity

C) Of those 10 s...

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