NFL Players’ Career Gaps: An Abstract


Published: April 12, 2009


... studying other issues in the lives and careers of NFL players, the following questions are posed to add to a complete and exhaustive analysis of some of the senior players between 1964-1971.


Upon discovery of the reality of the issues during an earlier era in American history, questions are posed:

1. If only two of 960 professional football players were drafted into military service in 1966, what was the situation prior to 1966?
2. Is it not meritorious that a man (who was drafted in 1964-65) willingly responded and served his country? Can this be perceived as a higher form of community service, since research indicates that many (during that era) were draft dodgers?
3. Has any study been conducted to attempt to understand the sociocultural and national reality of young men in the '60s who may not have had access to certain networks and types of favoritism, but rather ...

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