NFL: New Rule Against WR Blocking Helping Quest To Make Game Unplayable


Published: March 24, 2009


... fan of letting every player play the game without rules to unbearably constrain them.

It would appear that the NFL now will have a "Ward Rule" prohibiting the bone-crushing blocks delivered by wide receivers who are blocking to allow runners or other receivers to remain open or keep running with the football.

I understand the need to protect players from undue injuries, but the NFL has, on the whole, created way too many rules for its own good. We are teetering on the precipice of making the game unplayable.

The reasoning behind the NFL's newest restriction rule is that jaw-breaking (literally) block on Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers by Steelers receiver Hines Ward.  Ward's block initiated an instant controversy as he was not fined by the NFL for his hit.

Now that hit will entail a penalty, most likely 15 yards, and will be a fine-able offense.

Receivers will no longer be able to lead with elbows, helmets, or any other part of their body when...

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