NFL & NBA Drafts – Watch Some Drop and Eat Humble Pie like Brady Quinn


Published: April 4, 2009


... at their NFL & NBA drafts.

One of the great highlights of watching the NBA & NFL drafts is when some of the much over hyped prima donnas watch $millions slipped through their hands which their agents promised them and reality slaps them in the face.

NFL noteworthy recent falls have been in 2005 Aaron Rodgers waited 6 hours to go #24 after some had him ahead of #1 Alex Smith.  Matt Leinart only to #10 in 2006, and most dramatized was Brady Quinn in 2007 agonizing fall to #22 after thinking he also may have chance at #1 or the Dolphins at #9.  The NFL was so embarrassed for Brady that they had to take him off the floor.

Unfortunately, the NFL decided to deprived us of the future joyful drama after the Brady Quinn saga in 2007.  They had to protect the fragile egos of their young potential stars by insuring that they had the top players only in the green room. 

The NBA this past year had Darrell Arthur drop f...

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