NFL Millionaire Players and Owners With Outrageous Salaries Abandon Fans


Published: April 20, 2009


... eight years, with $20 million guaranteed. Kellen Winslow sings for 36.1 million, with 20.1 million guaranteed. San Diego's Antonio Gates signs for $24 million for six years. Jeremy Shockey at New Orleans for $26 million for five years. James Harrison just signed with the Steelers for $51.75 million over six years. Albert Haynesworth breaks into eight figures.

Expected to ask for more: Jacksonville tight end Mercedes Lewis; Houston tight end Owen Daniels; and Oakland tight end Zach Miller. This list goes on.

Owners are escalating salaries to top talent and salaries of the rest of the players follow suit.

At the same time, player's agents are watching the market, and when one tight end makes a fantastic deal, they start making demands for their player.

Players claim if they don't receive these salaries, owners will pocket the increased profits from new stadiums and stronger, winning teams. Players also claim they needed high salaries becaus...

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