NFL Draft: Stafford Not First Overall, Mack Finishes First Round


Published: April 13, 2009


... happen, but that makes everything complicated if you predict that part of the draft. I will present my choice, and explain why I chose (or why I think the team would choose) a particular player.


1. Detroit Lions select OT Jason Smith.

The Lions should choose Jason Smith because of the recurring thing that happens over the years in the NFL Draft: bust.  It's a scary word to a GM and Matthew Stafford shows the makings of a possible bust.  Just the word "possible" would scare me.

The Lions canNOT afford to draft ANOTHER bust. 

That leaves out any WR in the first round so...Jason Smith, while not a sure thing either, could follow the route of Jake Long and Joe Thomas in turning their teams into 10 win seasons (by no account am I predicting the Lions to do that...or close).


2. The St. Louis Rams select OT Eugene Monroe.

Not Michael Crabtree, for the same reason as s...

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