NFL Draft: Measure the Burst with the 40-Yard Finish


Published: March 16, 2009


... individual pro-days, Americans have developed a fascination for watching prospects stripped of pads, and often lighter than their playing weight, run full speed in a straight line.

Regardless of what some critics may believe, this measurement of speed, depending on position, does have an impact on draft status.

Too often, there’s the argument that 40 times don’t factor in the equation for draft positioning, and they’ll support their stance with names of speedy draft busts and slower prospects that rose to stardom. 

But honestly, for ever story of failure, you’ll find several others of success.  They argue that recorded times in a straight line don’t matter in accordance to where a player is selected, but they do. 

You can fill out your personal mock and choose not to give a certain player a first round projection by ignoring recorded speeds, but it will stray from the league’s current selection pattern. F...

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