NFL Draft: A Closer Look at the Combine’s Quarterbacks


Published: March 28, 2009


... of the combine.

I will start with the quarterbacks. Please read my next article on the halfbacks.

This year's quarterback bunch is going to be weak compared to next year, but it's still pretty strong. 


Photo of Rhett Bomar

Rhett Bomar, 6'2",  225 lbs.

The ex-Bearcat is an amazing athlete, who threw for 3,355 yards, 27 touchdown passes, and lead the Bearcats to Holiday Bowl as a redshirt freshman.

Positives: Bomar has a quick release and big arm. He keeps defenses honest and has good mobility.

Negatives: He is a bit cocky, stays on one receiver too long, and tries to force things.

NFL Potential: He will be an adequate starter in the NFL.


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