NFL Draft 2009: What You Need to Know


Published: April 23, 2009


... In the first round, each team has ten minutes to announce their pick. In the second round, each team has seven minutes. After the second round, each team has five minutes to announce their pick. If the pick isn't announced within that time frame, the team is considered "tardy" and the next team is allowed to announce their pick (

- The draft order is determined by the previous season's win/loss record, with the team with the worst record getting first pick. This season, playoff teams will pick according to how they did in the post-season. For example, the Pittsburgh Steelers will get the 32nd pick because they won the Super Bowl, despite Tennessee having the league's best regular season record.

- Teams are allowed to trade their picks before or after they have used the pick. The best example of this is the 2004 Draft, where the Chargers traded first overall pick Eli Manning for Giants' No. 4 pick Philip Rivers. This is not limited to new...

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