NFL Declares War on Poker


Published: April 23, 2009


... Bierce


Mark Twain once wrote that nothing needs reforming more then other people's habits.

And the NFL wants to reform your online habits.

The NFL, always a bright beacon of morals in a blighted land, has decided to self-righteously step into the public morals debate. The NFL does not want a bill allowing online gambling, that is a current bill legalizing poker, to pass.

The NFL behemoth is so against people playing online poker that they have hired a high priced Washington Lobbyist, opened a DC office, and set up a PAC Donation committee to help its noble cause.

So that's where ticket increase money goes. That's why the stadium beers are nine bucks and the exhibition games are full priced flops. Perhaps that explains the PSL's. The league needs just craves some spare change to pay some politicos for favors.

Nah, the PSL's are pure greed. Nothing more nothing less.

But give it to Roger Goodell, a ...

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