NFL Competition Committee, Sshh the QB Is Playing: Fireman Ed Is On Notice


Published: March 31, 2009


... even more enjoyable by implementing the "Sshh the QB is Playing" rule.

All eight members of the committee agreed that it is just too noisy for the Quarterback to call plays, or even just play. After a extensive investigation the committee has found that noise does distract the QB from calling the play, executing the play, and figuring out when the play is whistled dead.

In accordance with the rest of the QB protective rules all fans must now be quiet whenever a QB is on the field. If any noises are made that fan will be removed without warning and have their season tickets taken away(if applicable).

The committee is reviewing a extension of the new rule, called the 12th man rule. If this rule passes a team can choose to:

A: Let their fans cheer throughout the game
B: Put a 12th player on the field

If the team chooses "B" that player can not touch the QB, or even look in his/her direction.


The "Sshh the QB is Playing" ...

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