NFL Common Knowledge: What You Should Know for the Draft


Published: April 21, 2009


... a brand-new group of players are introduced to the NFL and the futures of teams are determined. One negative though is that the draft really never changes.

The NFL Draft is basically a repeat almost every year. There are players who are guarantees to liken up to the superstar billing (Peyton Manning), and there are guarantees that never develop (Ryan Leaf).

There are also the players that absolutely shock everyone (Tom Brady), but no matter the names or the years, the draft simply does not change.

This is where one can see common knowledge.

NFL common knowledge is something that every team should follow. The problem is that teams are just stubborn and will pay attention to it. So, what is the NFL common knowledge?

Arm Strength

This should not be a driving factor in picking a quarterback in the draft. Having great arm strength is great attribute, but if it is their best quality, odds are they wi...

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