NFC East: Will This Division Dominate The League in ’09? (NFC Edition)


Published: April 16, 2009


... about three? What if the Giants get Braylon Edward and the Eagles get Anquan Boldin?
I'd say that would make for a fascinating season.
But I guess I am getting ahead of myself there.  In my first of two articles, let's discuss why the NFC East may easily overtake its NFC counterparts.
Last year, the NFC South was right at the line with the East in terms of dominance.  There was also a lot of talk that the South may have, in reality, been the better division. 
The NFC South went 40-24, while the NFC East totaled 38-26-1.  Both had a bottom team (Saints and Redskins) who went 8-8, and a division leader (Panthers and Giants) with 12 wins each.  Each division sent two representatives each to the playoffs.
But that is certainly not the end of it.  Strength of schedule plays a large role in this one.  The South had regular season games against the AFC West and the NFC North....

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