NFC 2009: All’s Quiet on the Eastern Front


Published: July 16, 2009

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... expectations and a magnified pressure to win.

Each team has its exclusive set of issues, all of which become nationally known because these teams reside in large markets: New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and Dallas.

Professional football is a major part of the culture in these cities, and media attention has been ramped up to smothering levels in recent years.

The division has become a contest of one-upmanship, as the teams leave no stone unturned in attempting to improve their lots. As a result, there are always questions of motive when it comes to acquiring or drafting players. Those motives are usually smoke-screened through patronizing pressers and interviews.

Today's GMs and head coaches have mastered the politician's art of saying plenty while saying very little in the same sentence.

Lately, it's the offseason that has piqued the interest of fans. It's beginning to surpass the actual season itself. The four NFC Ea...

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