Newly Proposed NFL Schedule: A Dream Come True


Published: April 1, 2009


... 16 to 18 games, how can any sport fan not be excited?

Extending the NFL season would not only allow two more weeks of football, but it would also open up the possibility for the Super Bowl to be played on the Sunday of President's Day weekend.
Under this proposal, the NFL would cut preseason games from four to two games, thus extending the normal first Sunday in February as the Super Bowl to two weeks later.
This would entitle everyone to enjoy two extra weeks of football, your fantasy season to be extended, some extra time with friends and family at Super Bowl parties, and the comfort of a nice day off after the big game.
From a league perspective, the NFL and teams would receive more revenue, player's salaries would be higher, and additional roster spots would be created as a result of the extra games.
So what could be the only obstacle from stopping this proposal from being approved? Real simple: the NFL Player's Association...

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