New York Jets Are Clearly Ready for Takeoff: When Will They Land?


Published: September 24, 2009

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... they were always in the mix. The Jets always seemed to be just an inch or two out of the circle. Just like the Mets with the Yankees, the Jets always have played second fiddle to the Giants.

After a few "almost there" years, they decided to take a gamble on the gunner Brett Favre, which wound up being a colossal disaster. After he retired for the 15th thousand time, the Jets were stuck with nothing.

So they drafted Mark Sanchez. To begin with, I'm not a fan of athletes being paid ridiculous amounts of money before they even play a game at the pro level. Just then, Sanchez got $50 million for five years, while Matt Stafford got $72 million for six years.

This was before either one of them took a snap in the NFL, whether in the game or at practice. Meanwhile there are players who have played for years who cant get that type of money. Outrageous.

With an unproven quarterback and a rookie head coach, expectations are low. I think that's a good thing becaus...

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