New Scheduling Format for the 17 and 18-Week NFL Season


Published: March 31, 2009


... in the NFL, at the conclusion of the regular season, you will know the opponents you will face the following year.

You don't know the order in which you will play, but you can plan your rivalry parties ahead of time.

As a Steelers fan, I know that we are going to play everyone from our division twice.  Once at home, once on the road. That makes up six games. 10 to go.

As the division champion, I know we are going to play the Titans, Chargers, and Dolphins, each of the other division winners. That's nine.

We also play the AFC West this year. I know that because we played the South last year and the East the year before. The Broncos, Raiders and Chiefs. That makes 12.

Then we have our NFC schedule. This year it is against the NFC North. The Bears, Vikings, Packers, and Lions. That makes 16.

But what formula can be used to fill out the last two games of the season? 

Some talk centers around "old" time rivalr...

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