New Orleans Saints: What a Chick Wants, What a Chick Needs


Published: March 11, 2009


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Since we didn’t get what we wanted for Christmas (a Saints playoff appearance), nor what we wanted for Valentines Day (a butt naked Reggie Bush/Marques Colston/Lance Moore/Pierre Thomas doing our laundry before making us breakfast), we figure with our collective birthdays coming up, third time’s a charm. And so, we hereby offer you the Chicks’ three wishes for the Saints this offseason.

#1: Safety

Let’s not play coy people; we all know the downfall of the Saints the past two seasons. Offenses ranging in skill set from mediocre to downright awful somehow managed to light up our secondary like a Christmas Tree. Hell, we even made that s.o.b. Kyle Orton look like Joe Montana on one very forgettable and frigid Thursday night in 2008. If the future of our sec...

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