New Orleans Plans To Bid on 2012 Super Bowl


Published: March 12, 2009


... them here, they plan on submitting their bid on April 1st for the Super Bowl in 2012.

Before Hurricane Katrina ravished the Gulf Coast, there had been nine Super Bowls  held in New Orleans, which is tied for the most with south Florida. Since Katrina though, there hasn't been talk of a Super Bowl in the city.

New Orleans needs this. We saw how many people the Arena Bowl Championship brought to the city and they held it there two years in a row. Also, last year's NBA All Star Game was a great event in the city.

Tourism is one of New Orleans' biggest sources of income. It also employs a huge workforce all around the city. It would be great if the biggest sporting event would come back to New Orleans.

Katrina affected many peoples' lives, and this city needs to be able to show the world that it can stand back on its feet. Show your love for this city and support the Super Bowl in New Orleans.


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