New England’s Next Face of the Franchise: Kevin O’Connell?


Published: March 19, 2009


... return of TB12, plus the potential swimming around the draft pool in 2009, have them frothing at the mouth for a successful Super Bowl run.

Being a Boston Sports fan, I am inherently paranoid, as I am sure sure all of you can relate.  I know Tom Brady was severely injured, and while I am confident that he will be back to form for 2009, I am very aware he will not be the Patriots quarterback forever.

As much as I am a fan of Tom Brady, the truth is, I am more just a fan of the Patriots.  It really doesn't matter who is wearing the jersey, just as long as it says Patriots, and they want to win.

Someone that I am seriously excited about, who I want to ensure as many people know about him as I can, is our now second-string quarterback Kevin O'Connell.

I was pumped when he was selected on
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