New England Patriots: A Great Place To Land


Published: March 15, 2009


... Donut beans imported from RI). I felt it was time to try and take a shot at the page here at B/R.

So here is my first try at writing since I was in HS during the Super Bowl shuffle era.  As a lifelong Patriots fan living here in Raider country on California's coastline, I have to import the best from the east and surf the net for my Patriot Information. 

I have to defend the Pats daily and have the privilege of hearing how wonderful the Raiders are and of Al Davis's genius. For my fellow Pats fans living in the New England area, I just want it known that since the Tuck Game, Raiders fans, for the most part, are stuck in the '70's and refuse to face reality.

This offseason has been wonderful to watch for someone who tries to stay armed with football knowledge and hope for the future.  I truly and completely trust BB.  This off season has 3 veteran players who have been perennial Pro-bowlers.

While they are on the downside ...

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