New England Patriot Fans: Is It Just Me, or Are They Stubborn?


Published: April 14, 2009


... are nice people. The problem I have with New England fans, is that they are always right.

I know one fan that is so optimistic about the team, that it is almost as bad as watching paint dry on a wall. When I found out that Tom Brady would be out for the season, showed him a website, and showed him on the television, he called me a liar. Well, look who's lying now. How is Tom by the way?

I remember in Week 17 of the 2008 NFL season, he told me that the Patriots would make the playoffs. Ok, I will admit it was possible, all that needed to happen was for half of the league to lose all of their games.

This is not for just the one Patriots fan, it is for ALL Patriots fans. I know many fans. They all irritate me with their stubbornness. I'm sorry to the few Patriots fans who are not like this, I really am. For those of you out there that are stubborn, why?

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