New Detroit Lions Logo A Step In The Right Direction


Published: March 24, 2009


... season, and the results can be met with a roar of approval.

The old logo of the playful Lion, infamously known as "Bubbles," has received a 21st century makeover. The lion's right front paw is now in an attack stance. A mane has been drawn on the lion, and, most importantly, the lion has teeth.

The new script logo drifts from the blocky Times New Roman style lettering and moves to a sleek wavy font.

The background on the new logo is not representative of what it will look like in print. Actually, the reason why the new logo was revealed today was because someone put a model truck with the new design on it up for sale on eBay before it was released to the public. It has since been taken down, but not before the media got a hold of it. 

In my opinion, the psychological impact a logo and uniform can have on players and their opponents cannot be underestimated. That old "Bubbles" logo pretty much screamed to the opposition "We're cupcakes!" This new Lio...

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