My Re-Evaluation of Tom Brady


Published: April 9, 2009


... being accused of not knowing what I was talking about, I thought long and hard about what I said. I came to find out that I was almost completely wrong.

Since the 2001 season, the year after he come to the NFL, 'til the harsh end of his 2008 season he has completed over 60 percent of his passes, and he as completed over 250 passes between 2001 and 2007.

For the running part of the job he has picked up 533 yards rushing over his nine years playing in the NFL. He has a total of five rushing touchdowns.

Brady even had one punt for 36 yards.

Brady even lined up as a receiver once, during that single play he picked up 23 yards. With all the times he has had the ball and not throwing it he has only fumbled 65 times out of 277 attempts.

Out of those 65 times the patriots have recovered 15 so he really only lost the ball 50 times to the other team, but again that was over nine years.

Brady has started 111 games out of the 113 he has played in which ...

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