My Last Thoughts on Brett Favre


Published: May 2, 2009


... Brett Favre.

Until now.

After the 2005 debacle, Brett Favre played a long game of chicken with Ted Thompson, with neither person wanting to be the bad guy. Favre wanted out of Green Bay, and waited as long as he could to "make his decision" on playing again, hoping that Thompson would eventually say "enough" and release him.

That never happened. The next two years, Favre made quick decisions to continue playing, and had his last hurrah in 2007. When the Packers lost to the Giants with a vintage time-it-with-a-stop-watch Favre interception, I assumed that it had to be over.

We all, including Brett, knew Favre would never duplicate that season again. Believing it, however, was a different story.

After watching Favre's teary-eyed press conference announcing his retirement, I assumed it was over for good. Little did I know (according to Brett), that he told Ted Thompson that he "might want to play come July, so be prepared." Ted Thompson w...

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