Mr. Goodell, Tear Down These Rookie Contracts


Published: April 25, 2009


... three years at the University of Georgia, Matthew Stafford will be the No. 1 pick in the 2009 NFL draft today, April 25, 2009.

If he turns into Ben Roethlisberger and (somehow) leads the Detroit Lions to a Super Bowl or two while making every Pro Bowl, he could earn as much as $78 million over the next six years.

If he turns into Ryan Leaf, verbally abuses the media, and throws more interceptions than completions, he still will rack up $41.7 million.

Do you see a problem with this? In today's economy, any team spending that much money on a yet-to-be proven quarterback is ludicrous—especially when that team plays at FORD Field in DETROIT.

Remember the recession? The fizzling American auto industry? Apparently your League doesn't.

Now, you have done a lot of things right, including cleaning up the NFL's faltering image with your iron-fist style of discipline.

But before you perform any other duties, including this whole Super Bowl-to-Lo...

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