Move Over Manning: The Quarterback Revolution


Published: May 2, 2009


... In that time, he's accumulated lots of touchdown passes, lots of yards, lots of consecutive starts, and lots of wins. Tom Brady has been right there next to him collecting Lombardi Trophies for the New England Patriots, and with the addition of Randy Moss, has recently put together an outstanding statistical season of his own. At the beginning of Bleacher Report time, sportswriters were climbing out of the primordial soup debating which of these two was the better quarterback. It's a practice that has continued to this more modern time, but it's a practice that will soon fall out of favor. I know it's hard to believe, but Manning and Brady are starting to get old. Brady will be 32 when the 2009 season starts, Manning 33. It won't be long before Ed Werder and Sal Paolantonio start asking when these guys are going to retire. But don't fret, master debaters of Bleacher Report; the NFL's next crop of great quarterbacks is already starting to spring forth, and a new decade of t...

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