MinnPost Columnist Proffers Knee-Jerk, False Reaction

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Published: July 17, 2009

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... Brauer left his journalistic integrity in the dust.

Titled "Oh my God! I insulted Brett Favre's manhood!", Brauer's fingers are faster and far more developed than his reading comprehension.

Why is that?

I agreed with his characterization of Favre as "diva-like."

Only he knows why his intellect short-circuited and created an impression that I took issue with his characterization of Favre.

He said my column made him laugh.

That's good, because his knee-jerk response would be hilarious if it were not so misleading.

This court jester then attempted to justify his use of "diva-like" by citing "professional" sports writers who said the same thing, even though I agreed with him.

Only a coward cites other columnists to prove a point.

Court jester fits Brauer even more when you consider my history on Bleacher Report last summer and fall.

That's when I was attacked for my anti-Favre columns that generated hundreds upon...

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