Michael Vick: 21st Century Pariah

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Published: July 21, 2009

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... completed serving his sentence and his debt to society.

When his epitaph is being carved, that, unfortunately for him, may go down as the easiest part of his life.

He now has to attempt to re-acclimate back into that society, which is still nowhere near ready to accept him back unconditionally.

Vick's crimes were blatant, bloody, and sensational but they were not of mass-murderer status.  They were not punishable by long prison terms. He pleaded guilty and did his time. But there are worst things than prison, sometimes.

People may forgive, but in this culture of excessive media, they are never allowed to forget.  Take Michael Jackson, for instance. A week before his death, critics slammed his comeback effort and most of society treated hm like a leper. He was sickly and in debt and nearly pushed off the grid.

When he died, he was suddenly the greatest of all time. The tides had turned because the book was now closed. The media drilled it i...

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