Meow Mix: Zero, One, Infinity and the Detroit Lions


Published: September 27, 2009

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... calculus and is largely credited with the invention of "L'Hospital's rule" an expression that allows for the solving of limits of indeterminate form.

What does this have to do with the Detroit Lions?

Well the numbers of "indeterminate form" that L'Hospital was considering, involved fractions in which zero and infinity were either divided by themselves or each other.

For example, how can you rate the improvement of a team that won zero games last season?

As anything times zero is also zero we can't rightly say that the Lions are twice as good as they were last year because twice as good as zero is still zero.

This is where our old friend L'Hospital comes into play.

In the same sense that zero is the complete absence of anything (in this case wins) infinity represents the other end of that spectrum, a number of largeness beyond reckoning.

It would therefore take a number of this size to transform zero into any real integer suc...

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