Meow Mix: On the Road to Find Out with the Detroit Lions


Published: October 3, 2009

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... road to find out

I doubt that Cat Stevens was considering the plight of the Detroit Lions when he penned his famous song about searching through life, but it seems to be a fairly appropriate summation of the state of a Lions fan.

Wondering if one win means anything, wondering if the front office is for real, and wondering what we'll see from the Cats this week against the Bears.

Granted, wondering generally means that a glimmer of hope is on the horizon, which is quite a bit better than despair, but at this point in the game I can't be quite sure if it's a fool's hope or not.

During my tenure as a Lions fan, most hopes have turned out as such, which is why our fanbase is probably more cautious than any other in the NFL.

Once burned twice shy right?

A thousand times burned, makes you down right jittery.

Or maybe that's the morning coffee.

Either way, now that I've come down a bit from the big win versus the Redskins, it's ...

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