Memo To Jets: Just Say No to Cutler


Published: April 2, 2009


... in the world? If little things, like being involved in trade talks, get to him this badly in Denver, what is it going to be like when he goes on a bad streak during the season and the New York media begins to grill him?

Yeah, this kid is as talented as they come, but it takes more than talent to succeed in the NFL, especially at the quarterback position. When you simply are not there mentally, and you are unable to push aside the little things in this business that can bother you, then it's hard to believe you will ever have success in this city.

A report came out earlier this morning that stated that the Denver Broncos are asking for two first-round draft picks in return for Cutler. One high-profile NFL agent said it could take more.

"I could see a first and a second this year, and a first next year," said a high-profile NFL agent. "If you're looking at some unknown kid in the draft, you'd much rather have Cutler. You're talking about a quarterback who's ath...

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