McAfee Stadium: Are There Any Safe Spots To Sit?


Published: March 22, 2009


... over which NFL team has the most loyal fans, most die hard fans, but it all comes down to the Raiders. There is little competition that even compares to the Raider Nation.

The only possible competition are the Philadelphia Eagles. They have a die hard and dangerous fan base also. But when you add everything together, they still don't compare to the Raider fan base. Those people that say the Philadelphia Eagles have the most dangerous fans apparently have never sat in the Black Hole.

McAfee Stadium can only fit around 63,000 fans. It is about the smallest stadium capacity in the NFL. It is not built like other stadiums, in which to make sounds louder. So fans have to do all the noise work on their own. This shows just how loud Raider fans have to be.

In your opinion, is McAfee Stadium the most dangerous stadium that a rival fan can attend? Would you wear a rivals jersey in the Black Hole?


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