Maybe Cutting Terrell Owens Wasn’t The Wrong Move


Published: March 26, 2009


... heartbroken when he was cut because there was not a single player that I felt worked harder, was more passionate, or loved Dallas more than Terrell Owens.

He even stated in interviews that he wanted to retire a Cowboy. How can a Cowboy fan not like that kind of attitude?

However, like the world is gray, so it football.

Jerry Jones is by all means a smart man. He is not going to cut a Pro Bowl receiver and a future Hall of Famer unless that player is more detrimental to the team than he is helpful.

One of two things happened.

Either Jerry Jones went senile and cut the team's best player on offense OR that player was causing trouble and for Jerry Jones to cut you that means it was a lot of trouble.

I don't think Jerry Jones is senile.

So... Terrell must have been more trouble than me, Robert Allred, Andrew Nuschler, and any other Cowboy writer realized or could even know since we do not live in Dallas's locker room.


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