Matthew Stafford: “Jekyll or Hyde?”


Published: March 13, 2009


... and goes from a mild-mannered man to the evil and cruel Edward Hyde.

It's the ultimate story of split personalities. It gives light to the inconsistencies in all of us. It shows the nightmares that can occur when we give into the darkness within us.

When it comes to NFL prospects, inconsistency is a word that can give owners, general managers, and coaches nightmares. If the wrong person shows up, the Edward Hyde of a player, then the owners are out millions of dollars and general managers and coaches may be out of a job.

This rule holds especially true for teams with draft picks at the top of the first round. And especially with the quarterback position.

Is the latest can't-miss quarterback the next Peyton Manning or the next David Carr? Is he the next Carson Palmer or the next Ryan Leaf? Jekyll or Hyde?

Who is the player that has owners, GMs, and coaches losing sleep this year? None other than the immensely talented, yet immensely inconsistent Ma...

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