Matthew Stafford Is Not the Answer for the Detroit Lions


Published: April 20, 2009


... The Lions should take Virgina OT Eugene Monroe or DT B.J Raji of Boston College.

Stafford would not solve the Lions problems.  The Lions need to build a strong defensive and offensive line then think about QB. There could still be a good QB around like Josh Freeman when the No.20 pick or when the No. 33 pick comes around.

I am in favor of the Lions taking Pat White with the first pick of the third round.  The Lions could build him behind Culpepper over the next two to three years.

Taking Stafford would be like putting a cherry wood door on an out-house.  The Lions need to build a defense or an o-line before they think of drafting a QB, WR, or HB with the first pick of the draft.

The Lions have all-star wide receiver Calvin Johnson and the rookie RB Kevin Smith is going to be the best back they have had since Barry Sanders. And Daunte Culpepper will be a reliable QB for a few more seasons.

All-in-all the Lions can not ...

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