Mankok Still Running The Cleveland Browns


Published: March 23, 2009


... would be another dream that MANKOK would push, even with Toomer being on free agency already.

This is getting stranger by the day but at least MANKOK is trying to get something going. Trade talks have a lot of rumors going right now, so read the team's home page to get the most out of the Browns.

Letting Joe go was a big thing and it hurt the team, but we need to keep the faith, and with two potential starting quarterbacks, who knows who will leave next.

The defense is starting to look good, but Rogers needs to stop acting like a spoiled brat...he is making 41 million PLAY FOOTBALL so who cares if the coach did not come over and wipe your big nose off. Did Roger say anything to Mangini or did he go crying to him like all brats do? Keep up the good work MANKOK if you fail then you will answer to us.


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