Madden 10 Cover Released: Exploring the Curse


Published: May 1, 2009


... are cringing at the thought of what may follow. While the cover is historical and exciting, this news brings the possibility that not just one, but two star athletes could face the repercussions of such glory, as have many before them. It's fine if you don't believe in curses or jinxes (like the Sports Illustrated cover jinx), but facts are facts. The following athletes have been on the cover to promote the game in the past eight years, and they have all faced some sort of injury, down season, or hardship during their "Madden" season. Since players began sporting the cover in 2001, the following is what has happened. Also, to avoid confusion, since the game's title display the official year after the season actually begins, the player's stats and information is affected in the year listed prior. In other words, Eddie George is on the 2001 cover, but his 2000 season was cursed, not his 2001. Actually, in his case, his whole career was cursed after being on the cover......

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