Looking Back at The Browns 2005 Draft

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Published: April 19, 2009


... early to look at success or failure from the '07 and '08 draft, as those players are still developing. Also, I think it's irrational to grade a team's selections based solely on whether or not the players developed, without factoring in what was available in that round.

Therefore, in reviewing these picks, I will compare the player's performance that the Browns drafted to the next player drafted at the same position. This assumes the Browns correctly determined two things: 1) Its needs 2) The relative strength at each position (e.g. WR was a top heavy position in the draft, and there was depth at DT).  

First Round:

Browns Pick: Braylon Edwards

Next WR Drafted: Troy Williamson, Mike Williams

Clearly, the Browns drafted the right WR here, regardless of what you think of Braylon's drops. Williams was out of the league in two years, and Williamson finally caught for 1,000 yards last year—for his entire career.

Much h...

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