Like It or Not, Changes at Defensive End May Be Looming for Bears


Published: March 19, 2009


... the Bears have gone only one draft this century without picking one. Or it could be that everybody is too busy trying to throw Brian Urlacher under the bus and seek out Mike Brown's replacement. Maybe they're still disgrunted about Dan Bazuin. Whatever the excuse, it doesn't change reality. Come 2010, the Bears could be in desperate need of a top-flight defensive end. Brian Griese, Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub, and Aaron Rodgers all manged to evade sacks in their games against the Bears in 2008. In fact, the Bears blitzed more than any other team in the NFL and only managed to rack up 28 sacks, their lowest total since 2003. New Defensive Line coach Rod Marinelli has been given his clay to mold with this week's veteran minicamp. He well have the next five months prepare his edge rushers to strike terror into the hearts of NFL quarterbacks. But four of his defensive ends are heading into contract seasons. If the unit fails or nobody manages to have a breakout year, it would not...

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