Light at The End of the Tunnel in Jay Cutler Situation: Can We Just Move On?


Published: March 25, 2009


... of the Denver Post, among other local sports reporters, should be over. It should have been over weeks ago.

This is really an issue that was blown far out of proportion by Cutler and his agent, Bus Cook.

Now, however, the important thing is moving on. Moving on for the fans, the players, the management, the analysts, and Jay Cutler.

Josh McDaniels made it clear, in his interview with Scott Hanson, that he is ready to move on.

Despite the swirling rumors, the recent talk of an imminent trade, and the constant speculation on ESPN and NFL Network, Cutler and McDaniels can end this. Face to face, man to man. The way it should have been handled from the onset.

At the very beginning of this problem, I said the two should simply meet, share the blame for blowing the story out of proportion, and move on. Obviously, tha...

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