Let’s Talk About Jim Zorn

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Published: April 20, 2009


... turn out?

Let's take a look at a guy who never had so much as an assistant coaching position in the NFL, and gave us an 8-8 season. This is with a new system, new to the QB, the RB, and new to the rest of the team.

I like Jim Zorn. I think he understands the game very well! He's new to head coaching, but "the Danny" didn't pick him because he was tired of searching.The boss picked him because he was sure that Jim Zorn could contribute to the team's success! This isn't rocket science folks ... But it is the NFL. And everyone reading this article should be smart enough to know, that with a few breaks, some well chosen draft picks, and the inevitable purging of some older players, (Yes, that was aimed at Jason Taylor, a man I particularly admire for his past achievements, along with a few more aging starters) the Redskins organization could very well be the team of the new millineum! We are finally in a position that Dallas has enjoyed for some time. This team has an owner ...

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