Let’s Rock This Year’s NFL Draft…Literally: A Musical Draft Preview

for NFLSportChannel.com

Published: March 18, 2009


... wait. Like a first kiss, the anticipation of the upcoming season and what it can bring, is usually better than the final results.

Just ask New York Jets fans. Was there ever a better kiss than the one Favre was expected to provide? And the Jets were left thinking, “That’s it? That’s all he’s got? Hmmm...I kinda miss the way Chad used to do it.”

The Draft is every team’s first date. And every team will spend time justifying why the courted, and eventually married, whomever they did.

If the relationship works and a new rookie star is born, the marriage is happy…at least until contract negotiations.

But if Prince Charming turns out to be a toad, or worse, Ryan Leaf, then there’s nothing but the NFL’s version of “Dude, I told you she wasn’t right for you...too high maintenance….” and an emotional, expensive divorce with the kids.....I mean the fans as the helple...

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