Let’s Make a Deal… Or Else! Why I Hate Player Demands

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Published: April 20, 2009


... their bosses office and demand more money or else.

Done? Good. Now give me your job location and requirements so I can apply for your old job.

Ah, don't you wish you lived in the same world NFL players do?

You know the one were you can make any demands you want, never suffer the consequences of your arrogance and get someone to give you exactly what you want?

Let me make it clear; I like Sheldon Brown. He's a solid corner, hard-working, never missed a game and guess what? Before stories of his contract dispute broke, I wanted him to get a new deal. Not because he played particularly great last year, (only one interception for a starting corner just ain't cutting it) but because he's been dependable.

But in the nine to five world that doesn't get you a raise. It's get's you an "Attaboy" and you keep your job. So why do we expect it to be differently in the NFL?

It's true the contracts aren't...

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