Lee Evans Vs. Dwayne Bowe: Which WR Benefits Most From Offseason Acquisitions?

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Published: March 26, 2009


... endeavor does one man's success depend so heavily on the success of 10 others. 

You can be the best wide receiver in the league. But if the quarterback/center mess up the exchange, or the offensive line makes a protection error, or if the running back doesn't pickup the blitz correctly, or the quarterback flat-out sails the ball on you, all the talent in the world will not yield results of any merit whatsoever.

This synergy is what makes football so unique, with either far-reaching success or abject failure, depending on the ability of those 11 players to create an output far greater than the simple sum of their parts.

This synergy would explain why a Cowboys team with 14 Pro Bowlers didn't make the playoffs, and an Atlanta team with a rookie quarterback and nowhere near the star power out of an equally-competitive division did.

GMs and owners around the league would do well to keep this in mind, because the art of adding and subtracting players has f...

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